CD Release

The CD Release party for our new CD "Gulf Coast Gumbo" on October 12 at Brady's BBQ was a huge success.  The crowd was unbelievable and, as always, it was great to see so many of our fans there.  We are having so much fun sharing this journey with you all. 

 Our friend, Christi Clore took some great video and photos at the event -  we have two to share with you on our website - so jump over to the LIVE VIDEOS page to check them out.  The first one, "Eatin' Good Now", is on our new CD, Gulf Coast Gumbo.  It was written by the oh-so-talented TJ Weger and I guarantee it will have you singing and humming the chorus over and over again.  The second video tune, "Burn Pile", is a hot fiddle instrumental written by Kenny Carlyle and will have you dancing in your seat.  Just click on the link to our video page to see these two original tunes as we performed them live.  And while you're here, check out the live shots photo gallery.  We added some new still shots taken by Christi Clore and Jeff Williams that same night.  We sure are lucky to have so many talented friends!

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